Undesirable Behavior and Exponential Growth

Factors for undesirable behavior? Where is my Pulitzer Prize?

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There is no Pulitzer Prize for writing about peace and harmony, the world over is there? What about work to rid the world of poverty? Feed the hungry?

I am thinking why, would or should anyone feel compelled to create such a page? Another way to look at this is, with too much freedom, what will a people do and for themselves? In America, did have to end this way, why?

Anything “undesirable” goes without saying. However, there are times when undesirable behavior is warranted. The biggest of which is to demonstrate there are consequences for all behaviors and in particular, undesirable behavior yields just that, is unacceptable and is never rewarding.

NOW, with all the stuff going on around us today, it has never been more confusing as to what is good behavior and bad behavior? Who are our friends and who are our enemies. As long as America and Russia were arch enemies, today we ride together, as it never was. Did it have to be? Was there just a big misunderstanding?

Historically, America's very dominate and violent past has lead her to this point today. We attribute all our great atrocities to the freedoms we enjoy today. In essence, we reward undersirable behavior. We have a way of twisting it into some kinds of heroic acts and gloryfying it.

Then, we develop this great sense of denial which kees us from being able to openly express any sense of remorse for the violence we have committed. Hence, No one accepts responsibility for these undesirable dominant and arrogant attitudes and behaviors we employed to enjoy the freedoms we so greedily enjoy. So, the vicious cycles of violence goes without being properly challenged or addressed.

My point here is to prove that historically, dominant attitudes and behaviors brought, at least America, to its knees or to the point where our economy is today and this is not a good place. This fact is undisputable and of all the boasting we do we do today, about “how great America is”, we miserably fail to give credit to the people who helped America become, what we are trying so hard to get away from. How history is so violent, it creates more aggression to acknowledge these truths than it does to deny them. Demise here meaning we cannot keep going like this. We must turn about right now or forever suffer the consequences for failing to adjust.

What would we be eating today, if it were not for Native Americans? Well, we probably would be eating from “fast food joints”? We would be poisoning our own food for profit? We would create grocery stores who are more concerned about quantity over quality? Point here being had we stuck with what Native Americans taught, everything about us would be CLEANER AND HEALTHIER, including our land.

What would we be doing now, if it were not for African-Americans? America could and would not have taken advantage of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade to help build the country.Point here being, All people what is to be validated, tell the truth and the truth shall set you free. What’s so hard about that?

So what have we as Americans proven? Is undesirable behavior the Exponential growth model for word of mouth? Yes, undesirable behavior is the exponential growth model for word of mouth. And in the case of America, Undesirable behavior has and will bring/grow any country or society to its knees, consequently to an undesirable state of being.

So if you want to live in an undesirable state of being then allow undesirable behaviors, such as dominant attitudes and behaviors to go without being challenged or properly addressed.Dominant Behavior is not the Exponential growth model for word of mouth.

Where are good places to see dominate behaviors played out? Marriages and Relationships. Who wants to live with a dominant attitude?

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