Spiritual Growth

I want to be a financial success? I want to rank high on google, yahoo, msn or other major search engines, but it just has not happened yet. I wonder why not?

How is it going? How are you doing? About what are you most concerned? Is it something concerning yourself or someone near and dear to you? What is it you are hearing?

There are so many questions with so many past experiences.

You know we just could not be satisfied without a problem? So how do you take all these problems and turn them into positive experiences? What do we really need? What do you want? Whether your concern is for you or someone near to you, the best solution is to go through together. Help each other fight off concerns. For me, open expression is the key to my spiritual growth.

We have gotten away from that and it is hard to find someone willing to put up with you and your problems. It’s easy to over look the fact that we are all going through something serious all the time. People want you to be there for them, but are very impatient when it's time for them to be there for you.

We’ve tried to remedy the situation with health care professionals, however it is hard to find a health care professional when you do not have money. The more money you have, the more health care you qualify for? Where is the spiritual growth? In times of need, we all have the desire to help, but very few have the time and experience.

Spiritual growth requires both time and experience. Who are you helping and who’s helping you? We are so busy climbing the ladder of success; we overlook those who are immediately around us. This ladder has very little spiritual growth, in and outside the work place. Today’s professional environment is not very conducive or tolerant to spiritual growth. So we have learned to tuck away our problems until we get home and then, time becomes more of a factor.

Nobody wants to give time, without being paid? What has happened to spiritual growth? Where is the sacrifice? Are we getting better at it? From where comes our inspiration?

The most important component of spiritual growth is inspiration and the question is, do you inspire with material rewards or spiritual rewards. We tell stories of isolated incidents of spiritual rewards, but by far are the stories of material rewards. Now, you know why our crime rate is so high. It is the way we think? Cost factor: That is the cost for very little emphasis on spiritual growth.

You can not get spiritual growth from a people who is not spiritually inspired.

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