Self-growth through Self-Help

Art Thomas

What is self growth? Why do you need to know about it? Serving in love?

Today, we get so many "very important automated phone calls", we will not understand the difference when it is important. What will it take for us to understand this?

If you do not get self growth in a formal institution/education, get it on your own. It's a sad state of affairs when one resorts to sinful and miserable nature out of desperation. Evil is not a choice.

Healthy self growth - You are motivated above your average. High energy, you just want to do and help do a good. You are talented, I mean God given talents and like a healthy plant you just grow and produce. Serving in love? You'll have to bend your tongue backwards to say those words these days.

What is not self growth? Nobody cares. It seems the more you do, the less progress you make. Though you do a great job, so you are told; your life just seems not to prosper. You are working like hell, but seems life is just passing you by. Your last door looks like it is about to close. You cannot go anywhere, you can’t buy nothing. Though you pay all your bills, just as you take full responsibility for the rest of your life, your credit is less than average. It just will not come and seems like everything is falling down around you.

Time to get a little nurturing. Acts of kindness, that’s my nickname, believing, the moral affections of our nature are given to us by God. What deadlines, stress?

How is it to be a mature adult? How stressful is that journey and are we getting better? Self Growth?

Timing is everything. So get busy. Live in the moment, for tomorrow is not promised. Who knows your heart? Wake up, thank God for it, for somebody who understands and having another opportunity to do your best work.

Hope, keep hope alive, who said that? Go for it and one day, when you least expect, things are going to change. And please do not forget, however bad you view your situation,,,there is always somebody worse. It may not come when you want but it will be right on time. Think backwards!

How can you serve in love when you don't know love?

Do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature; rather, serve one another in love. Help yourself have fun with it!

(((your inner voice)))

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