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Reading Problems, Causes, diagnoses, treatment?

Is there a such thing as reading and writing your way out of poverty? Then, what is the problem?

During my school years, reading and writing were the most important subjects, so I was told. After graduation, they were the first skills I tried to abandon. Today, school is being advertised everywhere "go back to school". Going to school can be quite expensive and time consuming, furher: isn't that how we came to where we are today?

Now, with my life being in such a shambles, I have had to result back to them, to get my life back on track. But I knew it had to be a little different. I enjoy learning just as much as the scholars. However, the formalities of our current educational programs, I do not--lectures. What happens when you and your instructor does not agree? I thank God for the ability to read and write and the web. Now, you get a chance to see just how good or bad I am.

You hear how important reading is from places like "The Oprah Show". Well, what will that do if you added the skill of writing? So if you are not one of the classroom types why not take on the challenge of doing it yourself (DIY) learning on the web? I firmly believe through reading and writing, one can educate themselves, and eventually escape the chains of poverty. It does not matter what your subject or field of expertise, however, it does matter if you "can do" and connect more. What other tools do you need?

I mean nobody knows everything, we are constantly searching for information and life is a life-long learning process. When life deals you lemons, make lemonade. With the success of the web, each of us can learn a little from everyone to make our lives better. It's like the easiest and cheapest way to help the next person up. That is the object of life, isn't it?

Educate Yourself to help those around you.

Here are some examples of how others did exactly that and I am riding that train.

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