Drama and relationships

Save the drama for your mama? What does that mean?

Drama is the genre of life, a situation or sequence of events that are highly emotional, tragic, or turbulent and meant to be performed for entertainment. Real life drama steals, kills and destroys the joy in life! Is drama your means of entertainment or is drama your life?

Whatever! I don’t care! And there are others that aren't worth mentioning. From where does these kind of extreme attitudes come? What person or organization wants a people, work or play, plagued by nothing but drama--failures and excuses?

Look around, every facet of our lives is filled with drama. It’s the world where logic gives way to emotions, hormones and fierce competition. What is the problem with that? It’s getting off track and losing focus. Accomplishing the mission, the purpose has been compromised for how do I look, feel, smell and sob stories. The beautiful things you started out doing are now over-shadowed by drama.

With how many women do you work and play? Let’s face it, if a man comes with drama he’s viewed as a “wimp” and nobody wants him around. When a woman comes with drama everybody wants to help fix her problems. When people (me included) are unhappy and then get their unhappiness all over everyone else, it's the natural consequence of failing to deal with one's negative emotions in an explicit manner. That’s how “drama” gets started.

Though we all have drama, it’s women who are most plagued by drama. Drama is an easy way to get attention. Every woman comes with her share of drama and it usually starts like this: "I never have bad breakups", "Please do not criticize me", "I ask a lot of questions", "He/she said", "this is wrong", "that’s wrong", "bringing personal problems to work and work problems home"; then, they complain about why they have got it so hard. Now you know why!

None of what they ever say or do makes any sense or logic and any place is more comfortable than theirs. The tiniest things become a HUGE deal when it's really not. Everything is so heavily-weighted for them; every word spoken to them is cause for tireless inspection and interpretation. Then, when logic kicks in, they respond by saying something like: Whatever! I don’t care! Sounds kind of cute and sassy now, doesn’t it? But when it gets right down to it, they will be the first to break-down and abandoned your ass. They are our drama kings and queens. They can talk a good game, but only do just enough to appease. They want someone or something on whom or which they can depend, but cannot be depended upon.

Do you say those kind of things to your boss? Do you say that about people when you are seriously concerned? Do you say that when it’s time to pay bills? Do you say that when you are dressing? Are you a professional? Do you demand respect? Now, it sounds just like what it is, immature, NASTY and a big false front. Look at the consequences of allowing things to get out of hand. Bad habits are hard to break.

The language you use? It’s better to “swear” than use such negative, immature language.

Good guys in work or play avoid drama like the plague. Some men are a bit stupid and don't realize they're getting involved until it's too late. Will we ever learn?

So how do we deal with this drama? How do we maintain relationships that are drama free? First, it’s the ability to maintain a good balance in everything you do and remaining focused. It's telling someone to stop yappin', stop complaining about what's wrong with this, what's wrong with that, and why you've got it so hard. It’s having the courage to tell people how you feel beforehand. It’s having the ability to identify potential problems and fixing them, rather than complaining about them.

Grace Where is the ”I” in TEAM? Don’t save the drama for your mama because she will “bop” you.“Save the Drama for Your Mama” cause She’s the Only One Who’ll Love You if You Act Crazy. Oh Well!

Relationships without responsibility?

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