Fear Racism

Stature of Liberty

Living a double-standard life is the root of the World's problems. Why?

Liberty and justice for who?

When you ask yourself, why America has been confronted with the greatest Economic and Social Crisis, of the century, bottom-line is because of Hate, Fear, Greed and Racism.

I will refer to two groups of people to state my case.

From the beginning of America, as we know it today, intentions have been pretty much "good on one side and evil on the other". It started with the intentions of the people who came over from Euope in 17''. What were their intentions and reasons for running? They befriended the Indians; better known as “the eyes of America” the Indians befriended them. What happened after that? For their good conduct, the American Indians were rewarded with Hate, Fear, Racism and forced to live under a double-standard society and to abide by a double-standard system. For all their good deeds, for their white visitors, the thanks they got were a deliberate attempt at genocide, to wipe them from the face of the earth--No witnesses. The Indians lost everything they had to their new European visitors, who they learned to call, “white people with forked tongue”. Even until this day, there have been very few signs of remorse on behalf of the European visitors the Indians, so graciously received. Even today, Indians still suffer from atrocities committed against them, yesteryear.

If you do not understand the root of the problem, how can you understand the problem?

After a violent take over, the white forked tongue people, immediately got involved in another great evil and that was the great Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The White Man took advantage of African slave labor to build his own America, the America we know today. Living in your own light! The reward for hundreds of years of slavery was Greed, Hate, Fear, and Racism, and forced to live in yet another double-standard system. Due to gross atrocities committed against their slaves, their slaves rebelled. Instead of genocide, the slaves were just turned loose in a strange land and given no help to survive. As a matter of fact, the white man made their efforts to survive, as difficult as possible.

Because there was no genocide, as time passed, European-Americans were forced to take some kind of humane responsibility for their slaves. That is why I will not say, we were freed. The whites were forced to give "as little" as possible and to educate us. Hence, we were educated in the same system of Hate, Fear, Greed and Racism. We managed to survive quite well and moved up the ranks of this evil system. Where is the love?

Moving up to today, 2009, for all the evil deeds of white America, her thanks has been-- more Greed and Temptation. America's perceived success was so swift and aggressive; it was hailed as being great and covered all of her evil ways. Now, because of her yielding to temptation, her evil, violent past and failure to show signs of remorse, it has taken this long for America, a Number 1 World Power, to hit an all time low. Will she ever rise again? No, never as the America we once knew.

Here is something else that is quite unique about this whole matter. All the while the white man with forked tongue, the European-American committed all of these gross atrocities, mainly against the American Indians, his African-Slaves and the African-American; it was his White Woman who encouraged and supported him, in all his evil ways. She was placed on a pedstal and stood idlly by enjoying the view. Can you imagine how many Africans have been murdered, hung, castrated, and drugged just for looking at a sick-ass? What is her underlying motive? Now, you know, they, most of the ones in power, are literally sick with evil. Who has a reason to hate who? Who has truly earned respect? Do not get me wrong, there were and still are some good white women.

Even until today, African-Americans suffer at the hand of their former captives. There is just something about our color!

A rude awakening, there is no choice about this change, now; the white man's hands are tied, with only the evil ways of himself to blame. What went around has come around. The sad part about it is: There is nothing he can do for himself. Start another war? How long can we stay in Iraq? Pakistan, Afghanistan...? Hire more police? Homeland security? There will be even more consequences for the stupid mistakes there. Kill more Indians? Enslave and abuse more Africans? Shoot more Russians? Tell more lies about discovering "A new world"? Space travel? Build a better automobile? Sell out to India or any other financially stable country, watch out for this one? Bring in more Mexicans? Outsource more work? This is the end of living a life of "One lie after the next". The first problem is, YOU do not really own this land, your right to it is quite questionable, that is probably why you show so little respect for all that it offers. Where the buffalo use to roam? Pollution! Over development!...

This is not a fault finding venture, but a fact. Until you understand the root of the problem, you will not understand the problem. I look forward to living in The New America and a time of honest self-searching and confession. I know there is only one way to go from here and that is UP. So take heed if you want live in a striving society, do not follow in the old American Tradition! Multi-racial relationships are the backbone of this country!

Thank you for your time and attention and I hope you enjoyed your read.

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I leave you with this: "Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of Heaven, You can justify it in the end. There won't be any trumpets blowing Come the judgement day, On the bloody morning after....One tin soldier rides away." Do you know that song by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter?

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