The Mystical World

There are no, what we call, vices here!!! The simple things, thank God,,, You can smoke, drink, fuck, eat, dance, play loud music and nobody gives a shit, just like it used to be.

There are no: races, walls, genders, clothes, houses, your man, my woman, churches, go back to school, hospitals, insurance companies, banks, automakers, planes, buses, armies, police, jails, governments, countries.... do you catch my drift? Everything runs by design. We're all ONE, taking care of all provided. Keep in mind this is nothing new, but what we fail to acknowledge.

To enter this world you must be willing to leave the world of vices behind. In other words, you ain't got to do shit. If you're not open to the fact that there are far more worlds out there, you need to know and respect,,, you can stop reading right here.

The Mystical world is the world in which you know best. The problem is the here and now world does not want you to know this because knowing this would interfere with, it would cause them to have to get off their asses and do their own dirty work.

Do you have to be dead to leave the here and now world or have the freedom to travel from one world to the next?

No, not in the Mystical World. Here there are no borders, boundaries, beliefs.... everything here is known, transparent, nothing to hide. No thinking required, all is provided, no pollution... all you do is go drink as needed. There no pressures to learn what you already know and we know this but refuse simple and easy.

The mystical world is another door located deeper than the brain can ever go. It is located in the mind--mind, body and soul. The mind has the ability to live in more than one world and to do so it cannot have all these isms. Here, everything is possible and we do not need none of this bullshit we create to so call help us get to where we need to go. Hence, our mystical world remains pure, free from all our own evil devices.

It is one of the worlds where we shall meet again and you're free to travel back and forth at will. We spend a lot of time here dreaming but dreams are reality. When you're dreaming who can tell you otherwise, it is only when you stop. We need dreams to escape our own self-imposed horrors. We also need dreams to shock us back into reality. Bad is reality but reality does not have to be bad. There's plenty of room for mistakes, only to know how to handle them.

All of this is nothing new, but we just refuse to acknowledge them. if we acknowledge this all, we wouldn't need all the bullshit we've created...crime, police, preachers, teachers, cameras, computers, ... all of which have taken on the role of parenting. We are some sorry ass parents aren't we.

This is the kind of stuff revealed to you in the Mystical world and you can't deny it. We know what we're doing ain't right and that means we know it's wrong or we wouldn't feel the need for more and more... bullshit.

The Mystical world is fascinating because it relieves all the pressure, stress, pain of proving to the world what we already know. It leaves it all up to those who created it all and that is the way it should be. Dwell in the world of endless possibilities, take it everywhere you go.

...(((your inner

The Many Worlds of the World

The Here and Now World

"living in the world of the dead"

YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!