The Here and Now World

The greatest place on earth,,, WARNING, WARNING...

The here and now is nowhere near what it was nor is it what it was intended to be! In our minds, the stress and strains of what we create is better than the stress and strains already here and we are proof. It one of those cases where more is better less.

Take automobiles, which we act like, are the best things since sliced bread, we have enough automobiles for every family to have one, well more than enough for spares and still enough remaining to help the rest of the world and never break a sweat. Nooo, that's too much like right and we act as if there's only one side to the story and that is the side we want to tell. Is it worth it to even take a chance on killing even more people, just for the thrill of go NOWHERE?

You can go nowhere when you're not in control of time, so why do we insist we're in control? Though, there is well more than enough to go around we are an inconvenience to each other. We talk all that Bible shit, but when it comes right down to it, you are in the way of the next guy having an anxiety attack to be pushed off the cliff. What's the need in pushing and shoving when everything is already in divine order? There were no traffic jams and people frantically racing around for nothing. There was more freedom, more peace of mind and more concern for the health and welfare of all.

We understand and know we're wrong but figure it is best to create new lies to hide the truth and deal with the consequences later. Now, we have the consequences, (the curse) more innocent people dying from more automobile related accidents, more animals, more fuel, more cars, more maintenance, more, more more, but do you think we give-a-shit? That is just one consequence of the here and now attitude and we just keep going like, Oh well. 

Do you realize how many more worlds there are be travelled, just like or even better than planet earth? Is the here and now the only and/or best world you know? Do you think it was designed for you not to have another world to look forward to? That would leave no hope.

How much preparation are we making to enter into the next world? The here and now world is now inundated with so much bullshit we've created, in our infinite wisdom, we've literally destroyed all of it's pristine/natural beauty in exchange for our own bullshit. Do you think what we take credit for creating, is better than the gifts of our creator? We had free medicine and now...

Now, we sit more depressed, more stressed, more hatred, more needy than our predecessors -- damned.

The here and now generation... what is a generation as compared to the rest of the world? What does a generation know as compared to the beginning of time? 

The here and now world is the world in which we operate on Earth. What about Global Warming? WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, it didn't have to be this way. Our actions are influenced by more physical characteristics and this is even more reason why we fuck up so. We do have a choice but the choices we made are not the ones designed to be followed??? Somehow, we've confused this getting of the beaten path thing with our own personal bullshit, like we're going to reign forever. The world just wasn't made this way and thank God.

On our watch, in the here and now world, we've told so many lies and are required to tell so many more to cover, we're thrown way off course and characteristic. Now, we fear even ourselves --terrorists. Who created terrorists on our watch? We weren't concerned about them when we were born and we survived that.

In this society we preach doom and gloom, we operate out of fear and that is how we get things done. Here good news is no news but look at all the news we're giving and discern how much of it is ever good. How much of this can we take and expect to survive? In our infinite wisdom, we're fucking up shit for generations to come, limiting ourselves by our own ignorance. 

So, what are we to do in the here and now world??? Feed the body and replenish the earth. Every piece of dirt is somebody. Every molecule of air is some spirit.

Remember the complications we make, calling ourselves simplifying matters only makes it harder on us, here and now. We can't take this bullshit with us and only have it for a very short time; and it is for these reasons we have even less time. We're sad, and anyone knowing this would say RIP?

Why would you say such a morbid thing knowing there is so much more to look forward to?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!