HOmosexuality Revealed!

Why are we so opposed to homosexuality?

The very people who think they are so saved, sanctified and filled with the holy ghost are the most judgmental and hypocritical people in the world, opposed to anything which does not look like us.

They are believers in reading one book, which they least understand and judge the rest of us according, how hypocritical? Even crazier,  you cannot live free of these motherfuckers for nothing.

Homosexuality, same sex is nothing new. The biggest mystery for me is why have we just exposed and what we have been hiding for so long? Then, we call it progress.

We know our definition of heterosexual does not work, so why would our definition of homosexual work? Nothing is going to work until we stop being phony. The problem is we take everything important to us, "want" to put it in a bottle and label it; anyone outside our description, we hate. WRONG, two wrongs do not make a right.

What the fuck do you think is going on in our prisons and how long have we had prisons?  We are in a serious state of denial, denying anything which makes us different. What the fuck was slavery? What the fuck is WAR? What the fuck are riots? How can you push anyone out of the church, out of religion, suggesting they do not know God? Is one evil better than the next, does two wrongs ever make a right? When are we going to confess?

The root of our problem is more simple than we would like to believe. The problem is we are not true to self and in our sophistication we make things more complicated than necessary. We do not want people to be true to themselves. Everybody has to meet our conditions, of which we do not even understand and refuse to acknowledge. This is why we are so phony, manipulative, secretive, power struck and money/task oriented, rather than being people oriented.

Love, like our word incest, we act like we do not participate, but underground we participate like hell, when are we going to confess to this? Bestiality, we act like, but underground, when are we going to confess? Bottom line::: None of this shit is new, it has and still is going on more than we care to admit and we act like...

People are suffering from conditions we establish for them to live by, while the creators of these stupid conditions, laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures live otherwise.  How can we be free and at the same time limited by our own bullshit?

The more you confess to knowing, the harder to confess you don't know and when you confess to knowing more than you know, you become a dangerous threat to your own existence, but who cares.

 knowing we know and will no longer contribute to our own demise

If anything is going to work, we must first come up with ways to stomach each other and that starts with self.

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homosexuaitiy in the military


Our word love I do not understand

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The best info is the info we share!

New! Comments

The best info is the info we share!