Homosexuality in the U.S. Military

Homosexuals openly serving, You have got to be sick???

Boy, we have really got some sick people in this world?

How long was it before we accepted women into the US Army? And as far as we are concerned, they are doing a great job,,,bar sexual harassment? Here is another idea, just may be some of those gay guys and gals can fill-in for women on maternal leave?

A volunteer army, but not everyone can volunteer? A draft army, but everybody can be drafted? What does gender have to do with that? Are we building a bridge or a wall?

I and everybody else serving in the US Army, served with homosexuals. Homosexuals has always been an integral part of our society, whether we acknowledged it/them or not. We all were comrades during the times of peace, so why not during the time of war, especially during the time of war?

A ban on Good order, unit cohesion and morale? What about politicians and politics? Journalists? Priest? Medical? Food? Clothing? Shelter? Transportation? Denial? Homosexuals can openly serve everywhere else, why can not Homosexuals do the war thing? Who cares who pulls a wounded soldier to safety? God forbids, who cares who takes a bullet? Who cares who helps you, comes to your rescue during your time of need? We create more problems than we ever resolve.

Don’t ask, don’t tell, What kind of policy is that? Down-low people are the lowest form of life there is. They have sex with men and woman and do not tell.

Homosexuality is a gender issue or is it black and white? What about that keeps us from having, defending or attacking the same enemy? People who have an issue with any man serving his country and tries to deny that person the opportunity to serve has go to be sick, in denial and has failed to learn from every lesson in the world history.

Openly serving is the only way to know!

See what others are doing instead of planning war---SBI-TV.

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