slavery, poverty and state of denial

Have things changed for the better? How do you get things to change for the better?

Art, why do you keep writing the SOS? You ask me that question yet you keep listening to the SOS through mass mediat, knowing they only fed you what they think you need to know to keep you where they want you.

Have anything changed 2012? Yes, it has but not for the better. Where is togetherness?

You don’t think so? Why don’t you think so?

We have and still are imprisoning ourselves. We do that with the limitations of our thoughts and the application thereof upon the people around us.

For every door that closes a brighter door opens. Where, what good is that when you close them on yourself? Few people will recognize to pass through.

How can I get the shit I am suppose to have? By knowing? I have to stop thinking their thoughts and start thinking and acting on my own thoughts. Our society has shut creativity down by educating you to control and contain your own thought process. To put yours aside for theirs, first. After they get theirs then you may have yours, time and energy permitting. People are our most valued resource, time and energy are next. How much time and energy do you have to entertain your own thoughts and works?

When you ask what is there to know, in that thought lies the problem.

Most think things have changed for the better and in doing so, have become lackadaisical, but for those of us who understand life is more of an uphill battle, we stay on the battlefield. Freedom Is not free. The very thought of the word means slavery, poverty and state of denial lives on and are most prevalent in our relationships.

YOu can't give up.

(((your inner

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