by Art
(your inner voice)

How many have friends for a life time? What is the key to life-long friendship?

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by Art
(your inner voice)

People setting their own standard? Will we follow the voices? What are your limits? We don't just make words, we make JOY! art

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by Art
(your inner voice)

It is always a "them" and a "us". Why? Why do "us" never win?

Stripping people of their dignity can only apply to the loser. Take away his wealth and he will curse you to your face. On top of all that, he looses all his money--art

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Talking to the Dead

by Art
(your inner voice)

We all have deceased love ones. Do you talk to dead people? Do encourage it? Why? Why not?

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Changing the Face of Mentoring,,,,Interesting concept

by Art
(your inner voice)

I got this email today...Minute Mentoring and Invisible Mentoring

Changing the Face of Mentoring

Recently there has been coverage in the media on Minute Mentoring, or speed mentoring, which is the brainchild of Dana Perino, ex-White House Press Secretary . Minute Mentoring is based on the concept of speed dating, and for those who may not know, according to Wikipedia, "Speed dating is a formalized matchmaking process or dating system whose purpose is to encourage people to meet a large number of new people. Its origins are credited to Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of Aish HaTorah , originally as a way to help Jewish singles meet and marry. Supporters argue that speed dating saves time."

Minute Mentoring The aim of minute mentoring is to save time. Many of these female power brokers who participated in the minute mentoring event, do not have the time to participate in traditional mentoring relationships, but are able to carve out pockets of time to share their knowledge and wisdom. If you have never had the privilege of participating in traditional mentoring relationships, instead of feeling disheartened and sorry for yourself, be proactive and take your professional development into your own hands.

Mentoring Circle

Since the face of mentoring is changing, gather together a group of your friends and colleagues and form a mentoring circle, a peer mentoring support network. The relationship is reciprocal in nature where members of the Circle work as a unit to support each other in achieving personal and professional success. As a group, identify accomplished individuals who have successfully done what you are trying to do in your careers. Think about what you would like to learn from them. Organize a minute mentoring event, and invite these mentors who you have chosen to attend.

Invisible Mentors

In addition, you can incorporate the invisible mentor concept, coined by Karen L. Peterson, a Washington State University Professor in her 2000 paper, "Invisible Mentor: Communication Theory and Lilian Katz ." As defined by Peterson, "invisible mentors" are unique leaders you can learn from by observing them from a distance. Since 2000, we have progressed a long way, with advances in Internet and other online technologies. As a group, members of the mentoring circle can identify 10 people who they have always wanted to meet, and conduct extensive research on them. What books have been written by and about them? Which speeches and presentations have they given? What concepts and models did they develop? Who mentored and influenced them? Which books influenced them and why? Each member should present to the group what they learned so that all may benefit from the newly acquired information.

The Merging of Mentoring Circles, Minute Mentoring and Invisible Mentoring

The mentoring circle combined with minute mentoring and invisible mentoring can form a dynamite hybrid mentoring program that can benefit mentees, especially those who have not had access to traditional mentors. With careful planning, mentees can reap the benefits that other mentees who are participating in traditional mentoring programs are accustomed to reaping. What other concept can you adapt to your mentoring program? Everything old is new again, and you have to change with the times or you will be left behind to become obsolete.

If you require assistance in choosing invisible mentors, my Invisible Mentor Toolkit with assist you. The Kit is designed so that I'll hold your hand every step of the way. Why should you go it alone? According to Warren Buffet, "Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

Here is the SBI concept

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Jehovah Witnesses, Jehovah’s Kingdom, Milledgeville, Ga

by ART
(your inner voice)

A relative of mine, Lillian Cody, sent me an invitation. Then, one day while working, I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was the Jehovah’s Witnesses, so I did not answer, even though I wanted to, but I was on the phone. I finished my phone conversation and headed out to see who was there and my guess was confirmed, The Jehovah’s Witnessess. Thinking of my invitation, I greeted them. We talked and they invited me to their Hall. So, for the first time in 53 years of living, I attended a service at the Kingdom Hall.

You know, I had heard so much negative about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, I had made up in my mind, not to ever attend nor get too close to them. When I saw them coming, I would take action accordingly, to avoid them. There has been times, they came to me and I have attempted to discuss with them, to no avail. They just did not want to hear it.

However, after my experience yesterday, all of that has changed. I was a bit nervous, but they did all they could to make me feel welcome and an excellent job, I must say. Not long afterwards, I saw the lady that had come by my house. Her name was Lucy and she gave me a warm and friendly welcome and the service started.

During a weekly program of Bible discussion, we read and discussed bible verses. I still can not remember the name of the speaker for that day, but he was a very well informed man. You know, I try not to remember too much! He talked about LOVE, how can you love God and not anybody else. He used wives as an example: You say you love your wife, but would you be willing to die for her. What about for anybody else, you call yourself loving? For our youth, he mentioned go to the bible to get knowledge and that will set you straight for all other challenges in life. I really enjoyed their fellowship. Now, I have to see how I am going to act the next time they come to my door…art

Jehovah’s Kingdom, 110 O’Connor Dr., Milledgeville, Ga 31061, (478) 452-2597….Everyone is welcome and NO COLLECTIONS!

PS. I asked, how did you build this church, with NO COLLECTIONS and they told me “they did it themselves”. So I have to go back to learn how.

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Personal and Spiritual Growth

by Art
(your inner

A great way to grow together, no matter your background. Got something interesting...Share it here:

Intuition Development - Trusting and Validating Your Inner Voice.


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YOUR inner voice

Right here, Right now.


What do like minded-people have in common?

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