by Renenet Sekemet

Re/Read can be needed to fully understand; answers are found when we read the fine print, media used to communicate.

Dumb Ass, Dumb ass, dumb ass … just keeping it real. Realization does make me ROTFLMAO.

Re/read, I write. Who do I write to, do I write to myself? I see, I see; do I see, can I see clearly now?

All is done in Divine Timing when it is from the universe, not human beings. Knowledge is gained within this time. Why is it, life makes us use (deal with) what we dislike most; for me, words?

Tapping, bypassing as DS, peeping the whole card, hindsight, got it; which is how lessons are learned. Let it flow freely and it will… Does the adult see the child in the mirror? Is it the adult who needs to compassionately embrace the child for comfort to allow her to forgive parents and heal pain from the past for future relationships?

Citizen Advocate explains why personal relationships are needed by all of us. Personal relationships require work in two directions, not one way. Is there anyone without a disability? I know I'm not.

There is comfort in knowing; it is why we asked… knock and the door will be opened. Is it true we use our 3 senses to learn, some people use 4; some learn using 1 sense to hear, another uses 2 senses: hearing, seeing, another uses 3 senses: hear, see, feel and, maybe another uses 4: hearing, seeing, feeling and love?

Do we know why? Is this due to or part of Divine timing; why my first eye bypassed the negative energy of BS putting to sleep the third eye to let it rise in Divine Timing for reasons unknown?

Love in wisdom grows strong daily when we are sincere with our truth. I need to know how to interpret new energies coming into our surrounding area. Truth is required to do it correctly; otherwise, it takes a hit in my head to fully understand correctly?

Oneness is beautiful because love flows naturally without baggage from the past. Our vast high elevation does encompass the universe including Trip Cities, USA. Intentions are known, may not be fully understood and accepted (denial) but known which is why we need to go into oneness openly to make sure part of our consciousness does not continue to sleep.

My people ever cease (watching the word) to amaze me, what a community – loving it. Citizen Advocates are needed everywhere. Write truth masked within a white lie – no, due to the UL of Herukhuti, it is hard for me to do it. I appreciate understanding UL. UL ensures I live my life within guidelines when creating and emitting my noise.

What do they know about voices? Even though their thoughts/voices (energy) were the creators of everything we see today as our children will bear witness to the manifestations of ours, it was the keys planted, not voices; analyst by nature must follow and interpret new energies, feeling for the truth of these energies in the universe. Asking directly at different times because of my interpretations of surrounding energy to make sure I interpret correctly, to avoid?

Why call my truth Shucking and Jiving or having a need to use the press when keeping it real to not violate UL - when not fully knowing/seeing the big picture to avoid? Seeking help from the universe works for me since only truth is returned, no BS.

Hats off to you when I re/read
“It is also time to reacquaint memories with the real Universal Laws of the Universe (UL). I enjoy working with the law of Herukhuti”, keywords and images flashed. It’s all here (((your inner voice))) working within UL?

I read and reread again to make sure UL is present to ensure no darkness. Yes, UL is here written different ways; it is up to each reader to get reacquainted with these memories, it may be why our paths crossed.

I love to see people create their own world. It is how it is meant to be. Sisterhoods, Churches, Schools need not be required only Oneness. Is it how and why the Bible was written? I think the pages in YIV are our books, although I didn’t know before last weekend.

I do agree with your friend and warning; stay out of hell holes unless you feel they are worth your efforts and are prosperous to the community. I like to know what's really going on in our sanctuaries, me too to weed out Sly & the Family stones.

Truth helps to subdue SWW without phoniness to move forward with effective changes. I want to see the best for everyone. I appreciate reading truth in anyway shape or form it comes, returning positive energy from my heart when it does, even when the truth slaps me up-side my head or ass from an adversary. There's much truth documented beautifully on YIV; I did a lot of reading and rereading …

There’s no need to be processed to gain knowledge from the universe which is free. Knowledge gained from our universe ensures we express love unconditionally and helps us to express with kind words of truth within UL when truly worthy. No white lies are needed nor for the gunman to find out or teachers to see it coming.

Spirit knows when to use Sage to feel the true energy; that is being emitted while expressing in words, when we are not consciously aware to do it. Why the game who’s fooling who?

Our minds must be in a judgmental state to be able to see when to admit right or wrong. If I'm not judgmental, how can right and wrong be known to determine and admit? To determine right from wrong, I must be judgmental in order to condemn first to pass the judgment.

It is when we condemn by hatred for any reason that forgiveness is required, what happened to Unity and beauty of wisdom? Unconditional love leaves no room to condemn, it is what it is; love unconditioned. We define the conditions of our love, according to what – our past experiences?

We are free spirits, a little crazy by others’ terms, living the world created by the thought energy of all of our ancestors. Are we letting our ancestors rest peacefully by working together to build a better community or are we allowing our past hatred to deny success? We need to allow ourselves to recognize and release whatever separated us in the past right here in USA and Africa to ensure a better future without being hindered by the color of our skin.

Humbly? I’ll end with ...

Please know there is no past, past or future in Oneness; it is what it is. Wisdom, love, respect for all are known and found there unconditionally. We must go into Oneness as the Blind-man until we see. Our world will stop being a battleground when we realize we live in a land of plenty, recognizing Human rights for all.

ROTFLMAO for days and days to come hearing WTFU or STFU… OMG - Waking Up the Chicken - I hope!

…Shucking and jiving, gimmick or more keys?

Het-Heru/Imagery, Trinity? I do need to witness you living your creation.

Love, respect and appreciate (((your inner voice)))… cing, cing, cing

Remember balanced Oneness brings beauty to UL.

Inner Peace is Found Anywhere
Game/Gamers 2
My Higher Consciousness

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