10 most abused and addictive substances in America

None of which are illegal

Which substance abuse is worse, illegal or legal?

Substance abuse is a major public problem that impacts our society on multiple levels. Directly and indirectly, every community is affected by substance abuse and addiction, as is every family. Making people aware of the dangers is a first step.

Abuse of these substances normally result because they are highly additive, goes unchecked and are very profitable. Times back, many of our goods and services came from trustworthy sources, however, today most are produced by sources, whose first priority is to get you hooked.

The harmful and hazardous effects of substance abuse include adults and children. Abuse of these substances result in overindulgence and dependence, undesireable behavior, increased accidents, failure to fulfill major roles and obligations at home, work, play and school, repeated absences, poor work performance, crime, neglect, health issues, illness and death.

  1. The tongue!

  2. Salt and Sugar!

  3. Sex!

  4. Wrong food/Over Eating!

  5. Soda Pop!

  6. Mass media/Electronics/Technology!

  7. Drugs, Over the Counter/prescription!

  8. Oil!

  9. Color!

  10. Money!

    Whatever happened to alcohol and illegal drugs?

    Healthy growth calls for wisdom and foresight to build lasting societies. Nobody enjoys confrontation, but our future peace and prosperity depends on handling things wisely, before they get out of hand. Abuse of any kind is costly! Where do you draw the line? All things in moderation and moderation in all things - stuff you take in and stuff you give out.

    Tools to work on self!

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