$40 is big money for us

If it's big money to the White House and Politicians, what is $40 to citizens?

Donations here there everywhere, why? Why does any political decision “for American citizens” depend on the amount of donations/money political leaders can collect?

Now, you are talking about organizations who normally count by hundreds of thousands!

They have so many heart-felt causes until they overshadow your own cause. So you sit back thinking if I help here, then maybe they will help there. But the more you give, the more they want.

What good would having dinner with a political leader do me, when it all hinges on my donations? Hell, if I paid for the dinner why do I need to have them there? Why can’t they hear my plea without money? Why can’t they do their jobs, which they swore to do, without money, I do.

Special interest, I’ve even asked for donations to help me but I get absolutely nothing from them. Barack Obama don’t even pay me any attention. He doesn’t care whether I can afford dental care or not? So why has all the politicians jumped on the band wagon of soliciting donations to financially support their decisions, which benefits me not? As a matter of fact, things just keep getting worse. I'm not blaming any one person but it is what it is. Through whose glasses are they looking? Do they really understand the meaning of being POOR?

Yesterday, we asked you to tell us what losing $40 per paycheck would mean to you and your family if the House doesn’t pass the bipartisan payroll tax cut compromise by the end of this year.

The response was truly overwhelming. Thousands of Americans have responded and we wanted to make sure you saw some of the responses that have poured in from across the country.

My response: How do you get blood out of a turnip? I've written, petitioned, registered, campaigned, spoke up, donated, did without and my finances just keep on getting worse. Do they realize I might not make a dollar for years? Is that unbelievable in America 2012? No, not one honest dollar over the past 6 - 7 years. How do I survive?

Where do they think you get money, when there are no jobs? Who would hire someone as old and vocal as me, even though I am told I do great work? How many yards must I cut, gutters cleaning, handy man?

My businesses, they don’t recognize them as businesses? It is a serious problem when you barely make enough to pay your expenses, much less utilities, home repairs. Just like our economy, our home budgets are up side down. What working families? Are those all you see? Do the rest not deserve or should they be happy on welfare?

How can you pay taxes on what you need to live? Then, they want you to prove to them how you survive. How in the “sam hell” can I tell you that when I can’t tell you anything else? You, my government makes me lie. How do you tell them 300 people donated a penny? Now, how many pennies would it take to collect $300? Then, they want names? Now do you understand why they don’t recognize my businesses? And I am an American citizens, more than 23 years military experience, college educated, must I keep going?

Truck breaks down? How do you get a loan to pay what you cannot afford to pay back? Why would you?

How do you receive a bad credit score after 55 years and two little black marks?

I don’t care how legit you start out, if you don’t make enough, nobody is recognizing a poor man’s business. Think about that shit. You can collaborate with a university or some other well known institution and make a mint. But alone?

tell us what $40 means for you and your family, and see what it means for other Americans.

Now, I am going to click here and share my article. see what happens.

This is a game and I ain't winning!

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