6 secrets from my past

I was tagged at SjP who blogs here with the challenging task of sharing with y'all 6 secrets from my past. I think they are trying to get me in trouble? Oh my! Thank goodness I only have to do six cause otherwise I'd really be over here sweating! Anyway, here are my 6?

  1. I have a scar on at least one of my eyeballs!

  2. Nice, I am often told? (LIBRA) I do my best!

  3. I privately stripped danced for a while??? I can wait to see your list(*_*)

  4. In anger and frustration, once I told an Indian about the colored dot between his eyes??? You know he must have done something really gross to warrant such a response?

  5. I slapped a gypsy and the band said he deserved it? I am lucky I got away with my life. They knew I had much respect for them.

  6. I wear a gold earring in one ear?

    So, there are my 6 secrets! WHEW! Glad as hell that's over. And since y'all came all the way over here to get some good gossip - well guess what! YOU ARE NOW TAGGED and you got to get some other folks to tell their business too!

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