7 Girl Types to Avoid (6)

Miss Egomaniac

She’s brilliant, accomplished and has an unflagging belief in her own infallibility.

You never see her waffling or agonizing about a decision. She’s extremely decisive because the world revolves around her.

On the rare occasion when she’s not 100% right, she won’t take it well if you point it out. She may want an accomplished man, but not one so successful that you eclipse her glory.

She may even undercut your success. She might embarrass you at an office party or run you down in front of colleagues in the guise of “being funny.” When you complain, she’ll accuse you of being too sensitive.

How she’ll lure you in: Her confidence is irresistible.

She’s got that Queen of England, femine inner strength that’s really appealing.

Spot her before you’re hooked: She never tires of talking about herself or the things she’s interested in. There’s no give and take, just her lecturing.

She doesn’t care what you have to say. She may listen, but only long enough to prepare for her next persuasive statement.

Another giveaway: She surrounds herself with sycophants, but has few real friends.

If you’re not a good listener or you only want to talk about yourself, the only people who are going to be around you are submissive people.

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