9-11, Obama and the bullhorns

Someone said, President Obama has the bullhorn on terrorism and I am saying it is a "catch 22" because the bullhorn has him when it comes to something so helpful as a health care reform, with three core principles. All of a sudden many Americans have redirected their attention from the war on terrorism.

Obama has the bullhorn on terrorism, but who cares when it comes to health care reform? I am sure he’s watching nightmare images of the destruction and grief unfold in town hall meetings and mass media.

Beyond the immediate needs to improve security and dismantle organizations of destruction is, the more difficult job of, understanding the sources of such madness. There is a fundamental absence of empathy on the part of attackers, of embittered children around the world, of the seeds of discontent sown in poverty, ignorance and despair.

Obama has struggled to craft a clear message as he faces difficult decisions about how best to protect Americans, amid their own growing doubts about his ability to do so. Polls released this week finds the president's approval ratings slipping. My, how quickly we change!

Americans' fears about terrorism have gradually shifted to fears about health care reform, the economy and unemployment, even though they elected a president to act decisively on those issues to keep them safe. Nos the people are their own worse enemy.

The president has been further distracted, in his efforts to promote security on the home front, waging a broader battle to defuse hatred and extremism against his proposed health care reform.

Ultimately, the judge of whether we're making progress or not remain in the ability of the American people to realize and work with their newly elected President.


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