ASS up or Ass Down

The driving force behind everything we do.

If women properly used their power, what would the world today be? How much time do you actually spend sitting on your ass?

What are you doing with your ass? Why is that so? Why is the ass so attractive, receive so much attention, yet so humiliating about which to even discuss? We'll freely talk about every other body part, except the ass. We are so eat up with it, we come up with other words and names to disguise what it is about which we are talking. We're getting better, but think about that?

First H.N.Y. and I missed you too. This year I have pledged to get somewhere in the Garden of Eden, so if you would like to join me there, keep me in your thoughts. Now, lets talk about some things to get us where most never make it before we "expire".

Do you need a chair to sit down?

Is the ass the wrong way in? Then, why do they give you an enema to clean you out? Did you know the ass is the shortage distance to many of your vital organs? Did you know you can sit on your ass until your stomach swells?

Although the focal point of us all is the ass. Taboos, forbidden, yet when it all boils down, no partner wants to see their partner watching the ass of someone else and especially females. Which way is the sick perverted ass?

We give an interview sitting on our asses, Osama gives an interview laying down, why do more develop countries perceive “laying down” and talking to them as the greatest insult? Interviews given and conducted from people laying down resulted in them being hunted down and killed by developing countries.

Punishment, why beat their asses? Why do we consider it a sin to look at the asses of women? Why is it insulting? Do we have an inferiority complex about our asses? The Bad Asses" killed Osama Bin Laden. Why do we identify with "bad asses"? Shaka Zulu was a "bad ass"? Why do we have so many "bad asses"?

Why would one politician get upset over another politician referring the ass of his wife? That lets you know he has been watching her ass.

How often do you sit on your ass? Did you know there are cultures who very seldom sit on their asses, while more develop countries and cultures practice sitting on theirs?

“Boots to Asses”, women, which are the driving force behind all men do, which will it be, ASS up or Ass Down?

What’s the place for a woman, ASS up or Ass Down??

(((your inner

Let it go

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