AWAreness during REsuscitation

What about awareness during a dream or during any other state of unconsciousness?

No man knows and will ever know. We are living on faith and works. Most of our greatest accomplishments are over-shadowed by side affects. We cure one problem but we create even more, because of our wicked ways, we try to get rich, our status changes to celebrity, expert, guru, when we still do not know anything.

The questions really is, What about awareness during life? Why skip to death when we have not learned to live? We are still not quite sure if the earth is round like a ball or flat like a pancake? Then we say it is constantly changing.

All we know is what we can see and the time period we are allotted is not long enough to see past your nose? Instead of living it, we most concern about strengthening it. We do not know if we are going to survive even the next second, much less, what is going on after death? Fear of the unknown? Live healthy and be revived! Clinically Dead?

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