Actions speak louder than words

Actions and Words

Actions and words in a time when many are too weak and afraid to even speak up?

Who are your enemies? You know! Do you need to watch what you say?

They say, pray about it? I have been pretty good, as best as I know, but why am I still broke? Is it because of the quality of my work and I do not manage well? They say, I do a very good job?

Do you really know what broke is? Just who do you support?Better yet, who supports you?

Though we are separated by thousands of dollars, we share a common enemy. That enemy is the real and present dangers of life and the necessity for renewed and meaningful relationships.

Many have abandoned their friends in exchange for material gains and that has taken us right down the drain. They have asked us to forsake our internal sovereignty and concede to our enemies. And it is more and more each day.

In a time when many are too weak and afraid to speak up, what words do they hear? Do they understand the importance of "our relationships" or do they simply not care?

Do we know who our friends are? If you know your friends, why do you need to know your enemies? Your enemies will know you. The less good I circulate in my life, the less good supplied.

Bold action needed, isn't it time we know and do the right thing? After all, actions speak louder than words. Do not be afraid, it is your Father's good.

Say, not so important as watching what you do. A barking dog is more useful than a sleeping lion.

(((your inner

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