Address Unknown

Why did you bring me here?

Where Am I, I really want to know? How do I tell where I am? What good will it do? I am in a strange land and in every direction; there is nothing familiar to me, all seems to be confusion and chaos. My every instinct tells me, here, I am not welcome. I have the same needs, but I have no territory and all they ever do is take from me. They despise my very presence.

My mother told me, this is home and home is where the heart is. Then, why do we keep moving? Why are you leaving me? Here is a number, take it and do the best you can.

Amongst the confusion and chaos, what do I do here? In my yearning for peace and prosperity, I want to make a home. For what purpose is this number? Does it help to sought out matters?

Who beckons for me? What do you want? Why are you calling me away from my home? For that number you must pay, Address Unknown

your inner,,,gone green

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