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Art --Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the war on terrorism

Last night, President Obama laid out his plan to defend our national interest by refocusing our efforts on three clear goals: defeating cronyism and corruption in American government programs, stabilizing the American economy and breaking the momentum of rich war mongrels.

To achieve these goals, the President has authorized the rapid deployment of 30,000 more Americans, with a firm commitment to begin bringing our troops home by Christmas 2009!

It's a clean break from the failed policies of the Bush administration, and a new, focused strategy that can succeed and that every American has earned and truly deserves. Every American will have access to adequate housing and maintenance! Every American will have access to healthy food, water and health care! Every American will have access to energy efficient public transportation! Every American can be great! And every American can look forward to a significanly reduced crime rate.

The best way to fight the war on terrorism is to wage war on poverty, rebuilding and maintaining a healthier more confident America will go a long ways towards rebuilding and maintaining a healthier more confident world.

That is what Americans voted for and that is why we love our new President.

comment 1: We need to bring our troops home and fight our own battle.

Comment 2: May be this is his strategy to accomplish that. He has to build a power base from somewhere.

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