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Why do Africans want to come to America? I asked one lady and she said she will tell me later, but until I share this...

For some strange reason, I have always had the dream of not just going, but moving to Africa. I really wanted my ashes scattered there.

So, one day I went and as I was wanting to establish a business, I was met with too much resistance. So my dream of moving to Africa were squashed by all the corruption.

Though that set me back, I have not given up. I still read and work with the African Diaspora. The African diaspora is the movement of Africans and their descendants to places throughout the world - predominantly to the Americas, and also to Europe. It is believed a conspiracy theory is in effect to keep these two separate.

I am a firm believer that Africans, dispersed from Africa due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade are valuable assets to Africans in Africa and vice-versa.

The thing is, How do you bring these two entities, peacefully, purposefully and harmoniously?

As I took my naive self to Africa, I was literally robbed. I wonder if they feel the same in America?

I also wonder why so many Africans want to come to America? If they knew how enslaved Africans in America truly are - poor jobs, debt/credit ratio, poverty, racism and internal confusion, chaos, violence; would they still want to come? ONly if they knew the truth!

Why do not so many African Americans want to move to Africa? We are still caught up in the Atlantic Slave trade. All this American material wealth has spoiled us and caused us to turn our backs on our native land. We do not want to go nowhere. We would rather stay here and be their slaves than to be free in a land that demands we create our own standards of success.

When I was in Africa and went to visit people and activities, everything was at least 4 hours away, but when you asked they would tell you: Oh, it's not far, it's just around the corner" specially in the village, and it will be miles away and there's no telling how many transfers you must make before arriving.

Maybe for them, it's not really that far like you told me 2 hours drive is not that far. Maybe your next trip will your lucky one. - BoldCoral

I still have a dream of doing business in Africa..

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