African-America Slavery 2008

What are we becoming in this world

America would like to think descendants of slavery, in America, have come a long ways by 2008? America set her slaves free, abolished the practice of African-Slavery and both participants are getting along just fine in 2008.

Who were the participants in African-American Slavery? I know Africans were enslaved in America. Why? Who enslaved them? What people? We refer to them as white folk, but I do not think it was “white” folks. There is no such country. America is a melting pot and the people we commonly refer to as “white folk” are made up of people, in America from the world over.

Is slavery a world crime?

Were “they” ever brought to justice?

What is America doing today about Slavery and the remnants thereof? Taking measures to forget it.

What are descendants of slavery doing in 2008. They are on track for education so they can get a good job in America. Why, so they can help further the cause of those who enslaved them. So they can better fit in, provide for themselves, as for becoming better American citizens.

In 2008, Africans in America are “a torn” in the side of America’s powers to be. They bring this question up every time “we” think “we” have convinced them that everything is alright. “We” had nothing to do with slavery. Today, “We” are giving descendants of slavery every opportunity to redeem themselves from the atrocities “We” committed against them during and after slavery. “We” are the most honorable people. “We are so intelligent, honest and hard working, just ask any Native American. Now, “We” have told them. Further, “we” could have done to them, what “we” did to the America Indians, so they ought to be thankful to “us”.

Before too long, the whole slavery deal will be overcome by events. If “we” can get more Indians, Mexicans, anybody, other than Africans, running businesses, “we” will be off the slavery hook and the Africans descendants of slavery will stop working and expecting any signs of remorse from “we” that are in power in America or America, as a country. If only “we” can keep them happily working to better prepare themselves, for what, “we” do not know. “We” built this country and I know they do not think “we” will happily share.

How could a descendant of slavery ever expect any signs of remorse from their slave owners and descendants thereof? These are people whose identities remain anonymous. Why would there need to be any signs of remorse as long as descendants are not demanding them and “we” have been able to persuade them the like wise. In future generations, the slavery atrocities, ideas and practices will abolish themselves and that will be all to it.

“We” have just about got Africans in America blaming themselves for this whole slavery ordeal. Well, we have convinced “ourselves and our closest world allies” of that. It is a little secret between us. That is why it is so important to keep “them” working.

No education, education and high crime rate amongst them will cause “them” to doubt themselves and eventually, they will start to turn on and blame themselves for being so inadequate.

For slavery, all the atrocities and the modern day treatment of her descendants, “we” have and still do give so many breaks to African descendants of slavery. If they commit a crime, we give them a break, the first couple of times, as long as it is not serious. They no longer must abide by our laws, for we have forgiven them and since “we” treated “them” so badly, it is the least we can do. But they are so bad, that is why our jails are running over with “them”.

Do African descendants of slavery really understand who they are and where they come from? Is there a fund for that? No, it is too costly and timely, plus, if they learned that, they might hold it against us. Trust “me” on this one, it is just something you have to do when “you” have participated in slavery. They will understand, “they” do not need to understand. Right now, “they” do not even know what to call themselves, African-American, Black, Negro, Boy, Nigger. Be careful, “they” will fight over that word. Fight who, themselves. Heck they still fight our battles. We told them about Sadam and Osama and they step right up.

They just do not know any better and we have not had any more problems since Cassius Clay. Who is Cassius Clay. Don’t worry, “we” will explain that another day. I know they do not have the nerve to fight “us”, as good as “we” are and have been to “them”. You know, allowing “them” to continue working and living here and everything. Working and living for who?

So in 2008, that is what descendants of slavery are still doing in America.

Do you own a grocery store, a clothing store or house in America? If you do, be very careful because they say it will go the same way it came and you know how America came to be what America is today. “Who” won the west ;-)

Are white folk, the world over, against African people, the world over, or is it just a few of them who come to America to keep in practice?

Do Africans in America have at least a working relationship with Africans, in Africa? Most prefer not, so we have not pushed this issue. “They” do not know nor think they have anything in common and plus, they are so much like “us”, the Africans do not want to see “them” either.

Knowing the relationship between Africans in America, Whites in America and American Indians, why would anyone want to come to America? When they do, are they helpful to descendants of America? What about being helpful to American Indians?

Are descendants of slavery helpful to each other? How? Is it even allowed?

As a country, is America a good example of being remorseful for the atrocities committed, in America. Then, what are we doing in Iraq? So that is what it takes to become a number 1 world power.

Has President BUSH put forth a bill before Congress to PARDON HIMSELF, giving retroactive immunity to President Bush and his whitehouse, against POTENTIAL WARCRIMES committed in Iraq, from 9-1-01 to infinity? When you are so sure about the good killing you have done and are doing, Why? By deadly force, you want to bring everyone else to justice, but you are clever enough to "try" and cover your hiney and the hiney of those who helped. Though you brought this on yourself, "you" the same as "we" and "they" can forever hide behind the confusion of the American people.

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