African Diaspora

Until today, I do not remember that phrase, other than having something to with the Jews--Jewish Diaspora.

Today, thanks to Mr. Ogbonna Mossi and his Toubakolong Partnership, I learned of the African Diaspora, which is a term used to describe Africans displaced around the world, in particular American slavery. The transatlantic slave trade is the largest forced migration in the world. It created permanent ties between Africa and America. It was African slaves who had the most profound effect on the American culture in which we live today. Ogbonna told of an ongoing effort to reconnect desiring African Diasporas to Africans. The project he is using to facilitate his efforts is called "The Toubakolong Partnership", which offers opportunities for this exchange. Basically, it offers an exchange through skills and is well on its way based on the ambitions and many talents of Ogbonna.

Why? People can learn, exchange histories and stories, share and debate viewpoints, find common expression in the many kinds of experiences, work together and help each other.

You know as we work hard in America to make ends meet, it is amazing to see a people fulfilling a life-long ambition and work in healing and bringing displaced people together. You wonder how do they survive, when with all you are doing, you are barely surviving. The life we pray and talk about, they live daily. Without regard to race, gender, they are true examples of Inspiration, Spirituality and Income.

I look forward to more sharing from Mr. Mossi.

Thank you,,,,Art

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