Super Bowl XLI

Indianapolis Colts vs. Chicago Bears

The super bowl that already made history

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears

February 4, 2007 - 6:25 PM

This article does not support the negative aspects of this event but is a positive and addresses our competitive spirit in hopes this event can be enjoyed to it full potential.

It is an honor to be a first sometimes.

Super Bowl XLI will be a first in the History of America; two men simultaneously distinguished themselves as great coaches and individuals rising above many adversities of life in America.

Could this be a unique selling point, an Olympic style event with both receiving a gold medal for rising above?

Could this be an opportunity to return a portion of US dollars spent overseas?

Millions will attend and watch this history making event and millions more would, if they were invited or could afford it. Bob Hayes comes to my mind. Robert Lee ("Bullet Bob") Hayes was two-sport athlete, American track and field and American football player.

Super Bowl XLI will feature the play-calling of two great men and coaches who happen to be Black —Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts and Lovie Smith, of the Chicago Bears..

Any where else this coincident would not be of much concern but, in America, this is “A Giant Step for All white and black Americans”.

I will not have to consider the possibility of being racially biased or loyal where coaching is concerned. Undoubtedly, a black coach will lose and surely, a black coach will win and to the winning team goes the super bowl ring and trophy.

In a grand way and on a grand scale, this event serves as an opportunity to heal many wounds. How much are we spending on the war in Iraq? How many more will die before we change our attitudes?

It may serve as an indication of the Freedom and progress made to date in race relations, between Black and White Americans. Could it be that to the rest of the world? Is that what we want for Iraq?

Through the accomplishments of these two coaches, the grand opportunity presents itself for all America to do the same. And since we are on the subject, recognize and acknowledge racial accomplishments and progression made to date before a world audience. Well, we are quick to complain or blame. Did somebody mention chad?

Is this our opportunity?

This event can and most likely will be a true challenge of skills, talents and how who can best apply them. Why let it stop there?

As a world leader, isn't this one great way to present and offer our leadership to the rest of the world? Lead by example? Recipients of the Peace Prize?

Will we sleep it? Can we really do it? Do we want to do it better than it has been done before?

Let us all pitch in and make this the safest, most grand, entertaining and joyous event, occasion or endeavor, in the History of America.

This super bowl can be a win, win, win situation for America.

See you on Super Bowl Sunday, the super bowl that made history before it's time.

two "brothers" made it to the top...
at the same time...for the first time,
in the history of America."

In that is hope in America as we know it...Harreit Tubman

Now, how many black players are on each team...


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