How do I love the things I hate?

The real question is how do I love the things that hate me?

Let us take pain for example. We don't like it but pain is a necessary part of healthy living. You can say there are so many different types of pain, but the bottom line is they all hurt. You can spend all day describing the type of pain, but more important is "where" is the pain. Well, if you find common ground in love, where is the love, we can all agree and expect the same in return. The only word I know to allow that is AGAPE!

Why further confuse and complicate matters. Agape, what better word? What better action? Who can not understand AGAPE and the unlimited ways to offer it?

Agape meaning "I love you"; I am wide open, no conditions, I am vulnerable, I am human, I am passionate. I respect the spirit in you. Remove the conditions and if there is anything I can do to help, I will be happy to do. It is my spirit.

For all that I love in myself; I want to share with the people I love, all of them! And for my weaknesses, I depend on the people I love. Now let us get out of dream land and go to work.

How do I love the things I hate? Think on your health and welfare! Passion can lead to great things all by itself.

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