Age and Spirit

Does your age dictate your spirit?

We say no, yet constantly complaining, constantly looking for the fountain of youth.

We say yes, which most do, and our bodies, our lives go down from there.

The thing is to get you priorities in order. Had you know this years ago, you probably wouldn't be having these problems. I was always fulfilling my flesh and now, I'm dumping all those old lies and beliefs.

I thank God for showing me the fountain of youth and how to get there and stay there - DWELL IN THE SPIRIT.

Your spirit does notget old, it doesn't hurt and nobody can hurt it. KNow that before you completely destroy your flesh.

The Spirit keeps the flesh alive. A healthy spirit, a healthy flesh, a healthy body, no matter what state its in. A beautiful spirit a beautiful person.

This one is mine...when people tell me I don't look my age, I just offer them a spiritual smile and share with them the spirit that dwells in this(me) temple, is "AGELESS" and it starts a conversation wherein I can share the spiritual things God gives us.

I know, I love you too!

(((your inner

Multiply your blessings

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