The Aging Process

Aging, The Things we do to keep looking young?

What’s wrong with looking old? The older we get, the more makeup we wear, until we can't wear it any more and then look. You hadn't seen your natural self in such a long time, you probably wouldn't recognize you. Well, I know others wouldn't?

Why do we do so much work (Anti Aging) to give the appearance that we are not aging fast? Why do we want to hide the accumulation of age related changes in our bodies over time? Is aging ugly? Who are we trying to fool? By giving that appearance, do we think we are going to cheat death?

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Today's older Americans enjoy longer lives and better health than did previous. That may be somewhat true, but when you look at the condition of our health and the drugs we are on, is it really worth it? On one side we’re living longer but on the other we are living unhealthy longer.

My question is, if we lived a lot healthier wouldn’t we live longer and with fewer drugs? Just may be we would discover the secret to aging is looking forward to aging and not doing all that worrying and work to keep aging from showing? Aging is all about attitude and if we got that right we would be happier and less stressed.

If we treated our seniors with dignity and respect, wouldn’t we look more forward to getting there? Wouldn’t our children be more considerate and respectful of old people? We do we get to be old people? Is it when we can no longer function on our own? Haven’t we exceeded that point? Is there ever a point in life, when we no longer need people to function?

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