Alejandra Gonzalez


The Lord has often brought glory to His name using Alejandra Gonzalez.

We would not dishonor our Lord by lifting this humble Mexican lady except to be grateful to the Lord for her and for the way He has used her to ENCOURAGE His people and bring some REMARKABLE HEALINGS. The last time I talked with our Mexico missionary, John Whitener, he told me of some remarkable healings that had taken place in Mexico, including the replacement of limbs. (John & Judy attend the church her husband pastors). I had read a letter where she had been sent to a children’s cancer ward one evening where the children(20) were all bald from radiation. The next morning the nurse called her that all of them had hair grown back. Wherever she goes, pastors are eager for her to come back for the testimony SHE BRINGS AND LEAVES. I know it’s late and it will require extra time and labor we don’t have to get this out, but some of you may be greatly blessed who would not know of the meetings.

I pray for your gas provision.

[If you know of Spanish-speaking people, she only speaks Spanish and Judy Whitener will be interpreting, which she does very well.]

She can only be here Monday thru Wednesday (Oct. 6-8) because Judy has only so much time free to translate. I know of a little boy in a Methodist church in Eatonton whose BLIND EYE WAS OPENED and I know of a man from Macon (from our church) healed there at the same meeting who HAD DIFFICULTY STANDING with his disease.. I saw Paul Christian in the lobby this past Sunday and his wife last year had been HEALED OF A SEVERE KIDNEY AILMENT for which she had been twice hospitalized, when Alehandra prayed for her.

People are also greatly challenged and encouraged. I know another lady who was prayed for in the meeting in Eatonton who will be driving to the meeting. The doctors just can’t understand how she’s still living.

The 20 children in the cancer ward all grew the hair out overnight. The man from our church was healed over night. A woman overnight didn’t need her colostomy any more. Often the healings take place overnight, sometimes on the way home. Autistic children have been healed and other miraculous things which some could not believe. But then Jesus said, "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE." Bro. Don Van Hoozier, High Point Church, 2963 Hollis Rd. 31206

You can visit the website for Alejandra Gonzalez at Centro Cristiano Rey de Reyes

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