Am I ready for change

You know, so many times I was preparing for one thing and got another. How did I get here? How did I get into this predicament? Damn! And then, there has always been the, I can not believe I am here. I can not believe this is me getting this. There has been many of those in my life, too many and being one not to live in the past, I will not attempt to name them.

Over the world, I have met so many nice, beautiful and helpful people, whom without; I could not have found my way. I am forever indebted to them. They are debts that I can not imagine how to repay. They are thoughts, some regrets and sympathy displayed for me, that I feel I can not even reciprocate.

Do you see all the can nots? I will highlight them for you. Am I feeling guilty? Should I be?

No, Things Change! This will not be your last opportunity to give. Just be patient, keep up the good work and it will be your time to share again. Sharing is a two-street, what you give, is what you get and just as you have given, it will be given to you?

When you are down and can not help yourself, APPRECIATE THOSE WHO DO, while tomorrow is not promised and either way, it is just going to come back to you!

I thank God for you. I am going outside an kiss the ground, now!

Your inner

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