Ambulance Pulled Over

Dumb Ass Cops

First I respect good Cops, they are needed. I have had jobs where I worked very closely with them. However, what I am experiencing deserves to be documented and really it goes for any person in law enforcement.

If you are sworn to uphold the law then you should have the utmost respect for "the people" you are sworn to protect and serve. Also, I am talking about cases that do not involve criminal activity.

My points are: Bad cops abuse the people they are sworn to serve. The number of bad cops far exceeds the number of good cops--trend. That makes for increased crime and our crime rates continue to climb because poor police work is too often swept under the carpet. Further, poor people and minorities receive the brunt of this brutality and abuse, therefore; this abuse is allowed without question or proper investigation and disciplinary action. Stress is also a factor.

If we hired and educated better cops, we would have a better people and crime would significantly decrease.

It has been my experience that we have some very nasty, low-down dirty cops. They have and present poor attitudes. Without a badge and a weapon they are nothing. Knowing they are well armed with the law on their side, they take advantage of innocent people. When their deviant behavior is not properly addressed, it becomes an accepted norm, just as with the people they have sworn to protect. Further, where racism is involved, minority cops will stand idly by while their out of order cop counterpart violently abuse and harass innocent people. They know what will happen to them when they return to the station.

Police: Who is policing the police? Just think if this kind of behavior is accepted amongst the general population? This kind of behavior is unacceptable and degrading, it brings out the worse in the people. We know what that leads to? I mean we are at war right now, over a leader's abuse on a people. The world over, we advocate for human rights, while at home we allow bad cops to violate human rights. We know who they are but we wait until it is too late before we say anything--hypocrites.

Even in my hometown our police are poorly trained in people skills, but highly trained in tactical skills. Which is more beneficial to policing a people for which cops are recruited and hired to serve and protect? There are quite a few old heads who think force and revenge is the only and best way to deal with crime. I challenge my local police officers to be better and become more proficient in people skills. To have the courage to work in accordance with the laws in which they are sworn?

I pray cops get better training at their Jobs, policing themselves and others. "The people" are the most important asset we have. We are all human therefore, expect to be policed, but what happens which our police fail us? On or off duty, had we better trained cops incidents like these would be avoided.

Where is the line drawn between criminal and police? Who is coming to help or hurt?


An officer pulled over an ambulance rushing a patient to the hospital and his shocking behavior was caught on dash cam. INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the video causing outrage across the country.

Badgered and harrased by cops!

Police officer shoots a unarmed innocent man in the face!

POLICE FATALLY SHOOT UNARMED MAN - Laying Face Down and Shot in The Back!

Cops Shoots Handcuffed Man!...

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