America's Historic Presidential Election

2008 Results

America Historic Presidential Election 2008 Results

This day Wednesday 5 November 2008, Change has come to America.

Electoral Votes needed to win: 270

McCain (R) Popular Vote= 54, 421,549, Vote % 47%, Electoral Votes 147.

Obama (D) Popular Vote 60,106,684, Vote % 52%, Electoral Votes 349

A hard fought, well deserved, Electoral landslide for Obama!

The American People have spoken and have spoken clearly, as stated by Mr. McCain in a bitter sweet moment, as he reassured his followers and confirmed his efforts to continue working for a United States of America.

A record turnout, a historical first, a defining moment and a victory for America celebrated with tears and cheers. "Pure joy"!!! over how far this country has come--No more a safe haven for racists and racism, but a safe house for all desiring freedom and the privileges thereof. Now, and only now, can the Underground Railroad take its' rightful place in history.

A people united, of all colors and races, honked horns, high-fived each other and embraced, as America for the first time in her short history, has truly become, " The America where all things are possible" for "All Americans", "All People", "the United States of America".

And on the backs of all those Americans, who fought and died for this moment, known, unknown, forgotten, slave and free, "President Elect Barack Obama, the first black U.S. president, elected the 44th president of the United States, is in the house!"

And for all those evil deeds and things which has stifled growth in America I pray and dedicate this message

Please, as America has helped fight apartheid, terrorism and injustice, world-wide, join in the work of helping to rebuild America; she sincerely needs your help today! Art Thomas

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