the American family

Am I so ready!

Anyway, we are all part of one family. But there is a little something special about - the American family. Each child should come into this world feeling special.

Let’s think about that for a moment***. How do they lose it? How can I help someone to feel special, when I do not feel special? No matter the situation you are in, Feel special!

Now, how do I get started sharing the wealth? This is your opportunity!

I am special, so, I embarked upon the task of placing myself in the company of people who value being special. No matter how bad the situation, they have a plausible solution and is more than willing to help. Like most, they are not fearful and do not come across as a people out to destroy, but a people out to help.

Now, when an unsuspecting visitor comes across me, I can help make them feel special, not only in what I do, but also in documenting it. Documenting helps to make life all that much more special and it is less intrusive. Think on the feeling you get when you see your name associated with doing something special. Any way, I can clearly think on the times I saw my name by doing something bad. All the ways you can feel special? All the ideas and tools at your disposal to help make someone else feel special? Special, because whatever you do is going to come back to you.

I think the feeling of being special is not be more exemplified than in America. We have access to the best health care. Americans are masters at that game. Unfortunately, it also comes with a down side. Though we are one of the largest, we are not the ony one and that is where countries like Canada come in. They also have a knack for making people feel special.

In many countries your first day is your best day, but not in America. Properly managed,in the American family, your special day can last a life time.

There is a special prize in every box.

Your inner

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