Americans Leaving

Today, I over-heard this conversation.

"It was great to hear thousands of Americans are leaving or planning to leave. I wish them well, but because they sucked the system for years before they decided to leave. There should be a farewell tax placed upon them. This tax will be in the best interest of those of us who will stay..."

"There has to be some limitations on these emigrations and that would be there can be no returns. In other words, goodbye and good riddance. With more than 300 million souls in this country we can spare many millions."

"I am a member of the US military & would absolutely not call anyone a traitor for moving out or shifting assets out of the US. I have shifted my & my children's income-producing assets into mostly overseas assets. It does not produce much, but it's enough to pay to keep the lights on if it came to that…"

American-style capitalism has evolved into a bizarre marriage of financial gimmickry and governmental coddling. Very few companies produce much of anything, other than derivatives and press releases. This situation would not be so bad if the derivatives possessed a bit of value and the press releases possessed a bit of truth. Instead, the U.S. economy lurches from greed to deception to disaster, and back to greed, without ever eliminating all the flaws and the felons that cause all the problems.

The path to economic salvation and rejuvenation is not so complicated; it begins with truth-telling and real-world pricing.

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