America's Rail System

the Iron Horse

Railroading's golden age: Imagine whisking through towns, walking only a few steps to public transportation, and ending up just blocks from your destination. Security concerns are not nearly as high. It is happening right now; it’s been happening for decades. The problem is, it’s been happening elsewhere and not in America.

I understand the American rail system, railroading's golden, passenger operations, and the railroad industry as a whole was "bought" to end shortly following World War II. The rail system was bought up by private investors and scrapped, just like the American Street Car. This was done to help build and promote the airline industry. Would people be so eager to fly with the option of a good rail system to use? What about the oil and auto industries, profits would would be leterally cut in half and we would not need so many autos nor so much oil? Anyhow, the rail system as we knew it, mysteriously vanishes just after WWII.

Today, it seems derailing the American rail system was a great injustice and a travesty to America. While the airline, oil and auto industries are suffering terrible to day? The fastest and preferred method of travel, just might not be what you think.

With clogged highways and overburdened airports, economic growth is suffering and it seems the rail system would be one important means of providing some relief. Just may be, hadn’t we got rid of our rail system, there would be no economic breakdown. We would have that smart transportation system.

However, President Obama has highlighted his ambition for the development of high-speed passenger rail lines - “What we need, then, is a smart transportation system equal to the needs of the 21st century,” he said, “a system that reduces travel times and increases mobility, a system that reduces congestion and boosts productivity, a system that reduces destructive emissions and creates jobs.” New promises on the horizon!

So, I guess real soon we can look forward to the reintroduction of a new American rail system.

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