America’s most reliable network is killing people

long-term evolution

Wireless communication has become America's most reliable network and going wireless, texting and cell phone use on our roads, as great as they may appear, are killing people and more than we would care to admit. Even the best drivers are being caught by surprise.

What is this claim all about? No Worries? Most reliable? What does it cost, how much? Is it "truthful" and "accurate"? A lawsuit filed against rivals suing over false advertising charges? The largest and most reliable network to add 1.1 million subscribers in a quarter?

The claim is based on network studies performed by real-life tests, the ability to connect to a network, and to complete a call or download a file once connected or is speed the most essential element of network reliability and the proper standard for measuring network reliability?

Going wireless has significantly helped enhance the communication process, at home and while mobile. This new technology helps saves lives, prevents injuries and deaths, aides in leadership, research, education and advocating for one’s cause. Boy, you would think wireless communication is one of the greatest creations since sliced bread, but when you factor in “the number of accidents caused”, it’s a whole new ball park. Cell phones are changing behaviors and increasing accidents, and people are resisting the temptation to use their cell phones in critical and crucial situations, which is contributing to the death of innocent people.

Is texting and cell phone use dangerous? How so? People are literally addicted to these things. We know that cell phone use is a very risky distraction and texting is even higher risk. Just look at how obsessed people seem to be with the use of their cells phones? We know cell phone use causes many more crashes than texting. The main reason is that millions more drivers use cell phones than text. That is why we need to address both texting and cell phone use on our roads. Let’s see: we barred public transportation drivers to use cell phones while driving, but it is okay for personal use, why? Do you see to what lengths people will go to before they put down their cell phones, while conducting important business, why? Would an earpiece or hands free operation make cell phones any less of a threat to life?

The death rate is so alarming and on the rise, that legislators, business leaders and individuals are evaluating the threat and need for legislation, business policies and personal actions to prevent cell phone use and texting while driving. How could something so harmless and helpful turn out to be so dangerous? Long-term evolution, will technology ever replace good old fashion common sense? Will the people learn to be more practical with the use of their cell phones or will the government have to lend a stronger hand?

The life you save may be your own!

Complete with extensive global coverage in more than 200 countries, how many countries are there?

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