Anthroposophical Medicine

Cutting, Poisoning and Burning, all I know is there has got to be a better way. Why can't we just get it all together? One has been around forever and the other doesn't cure anything.

When I talk with shamans from Peru to Korea, from Oaxaca to Siberia, they are saddened to discover that our own great doctors of "cosmopolitan medicine" are unable to see, hear or sense the benevolent healing energies of the Nature.

The Fourfold Path to Healing) believes that anthroposophical medicine provides a roadmap for following the body's ultimate wisdom. Once that wisdom is recognized and deciphered, the most efficient course of healing is tracked by uncovering the underlying intent of physical symptoms.

A host of cancer experts roundly condemned a botanical remedy without any training in its effectiveness, without reading anything about it because all the research was all in foreign publications at the time, and most of all, without being open to the possibility that cancer could be halted by massive immune support rather than all-out warfare on the body. Why do we treat cancer this way?

About Anthroposophical Medicine (AEM, a holistic approach to medicine beginning with fundamental medical and therapeutic training, then adding spiritual scientific studies outlined by Rudolf Steiner. The result is an integrated image of the whole human being in illness and in health. This makes it possible to have both a holistic and rational approach to physiology, pathology and therapy.

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