Anxious People

That is one of my problems. It seems like the things I need does not come fast enough. A few thoughts like those, over a long period of time can work one up in a great anxiety attack.

Anxious people are often overly tense or uptight. They feel pressured, worry and seek a lot of reassurance. Worries open the door for anxiety which interferes with daily activities, especially those we can not control or have allowed to get out of control. Anxiety is also very addictive and a killer.

Mostly, we just want to get through our day, over our problem and revenge for anything distasteful done to us. When something unpleasant happens to us, our anxiety levels rise so high that we tend to over react. Our levels of anxiety usually supersede the trauma of whatever it is we are going through. Like a child at play being involved in the slightest little accident and crying bloody murder or throwing a temper tantrum because they did not get what they wanted.

The thing I try to remember as I face my challenges is, no matter how great what I am going through, somebody else is going through something worse than me, and the Lord knows mine are just as great or greater than anybody’s else. And often time they are not over reacting.

That is where faith comes in and faith has to learned and practiced. Would you be as anxious if you knew for sure that you could beat anything that came before you? Another good example of anxiety attacks and over reacting are our driving habits. Looks like the invention of the auto would have made life so much faster and easier but think again. Think on all the stuff that must take place before you can happily and safely drive to the grocery store?

Any time we are out of our comfort zone, anxiety levels are increased. Somebody said, we needed a certain amount of anxiety to live healthy, so we have sporting events and gather in large crowds. Large crowds significantly increase our level of anxiety, so much so that we need outside controls measures to help keep us under control. The more we get the more we want.

We managed to feed this weeks furious anxiety attacks, next week’s will be even greater, so we plan an even greater survivor challenge. Where does it stop? Just the nature of the beast, huh? Somehow you would think since we are getting the desires of our hearts, our anxiety levels would be satisfied, not just the opposite.

For obvious reasons, instead of trying to let anxiety out to the max, we should be trying our maximum best to keep anxiety under control.

What about patience, remaining calm, cool and collective in the worse of circumstances?

Think about that the next time you are driving. The question is what are we doing to help encourage and keep anxiety levels under control? Please, no sports, well not like the sports we have today.

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