Arugula Salad

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The first I have heard of this plant was with all the hoopla surrounding Obama and his request for an arugula salad or more information about arugula. Man, I never thought such a request could generate so much press. I will not touch that! After all, do not we need to eat more green vegetables?

Here are my country boy questions: What is arugula? Is it good for you? Where does it rate on the health food chain? Can it help to make collards better? Shaken, not tossed, why?

From some of the articles I have read, I understand arugula is very good for human consumption.

Most commonly used in salad and because it is so potent on its own, it is often mixed with milder greens to produce a nice balanced salad.

A arugula is an edible plant, an aromatic, peppery salad green. It is also known as roquette, rocket, rugula and rucola, and is very popular in Italian cuisine. OChef

Distinctive, sharp, peppery leaves are best harvested when 2 to 3" long. A nice accent for mixed salads. The most politically explosive of the leafy greens. A specialty crop rather than just corn and soybeans? Whole Foods! One of the healthier leaf lettuces.

The most value is received when eaten raw or juiced. Arugula is described as a superfood for your bones, nutrient-rich and low in calories - just 20 calories in about three cups (85g) – arugula provides an excellent source of folate, vitamins A and C, ... Promotes healthy eyes, skin and immune function. Adds zest to any meal. Superfood for bones

Arugula vs. Iceberg Lettuce? Vegetable or herb?

Beyond salad: Arugula can be sauteed or cooked in many other ways. I have to try with some collards. Don't forget to try arugula sprouts if you get a chance. Arugula

I have to try arugula! I will have to try growing and eating some.

What about Tiger Nuts?

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