Ashamed to be a White Man

Impoverished Americans, Indian wars, Slavery, How wrong are and were you? How wrong are we?

I am ashamed too!

Sometimes, I am ashamed to be a white man.

I just heard that and it is a first and I must say, kind of caught me by off guard. I do not know if you would call the upper crust of America, white, male and arrogant, but with all the gross racism, women abuse, violence and atrocities accredited to them, I have never heard a White man say, sometimes I am ashamed to be a white man.

Now, I would be the first to say it is long overdue, that it is very obvious, unbelievable and hard to forgive, but nobody ever says anything to correct them. There is something about white folk in America that causes them to think they are a superior and the impoverish races support their system. We want to work for them, fight for them and entertain them. Is it because they are just that brutal and violent? Why do not we just choose the any common rapist, robber or murderer, with whom to work?

Good is good and evil is evil.

Is is a reason to be ashamed and disgraced. Really I cannot think of a time, in the history of America, when it really was close to being an honor to be a white man in America. Not from the time they subdued the indigenous people of this country until the time they led this country to the crisis 2011 we enjoy today. In every case, the color of their skin was white and it seems no other white people objected.

Even worse, they stood idly by while white men levied these atrocities upon innocent people. Are they not just as guilty? Where is the honor in that? It is about time whites, especially “men” stood for justice for all.

What do you think about a race of people who think they are superior, but too lazy to do their own work? You talk about ghettoes and ghetto mentalities, but when you look at the filth in and of our cities, towns and communities, how can you justify the difference?

Rich folk live on this side of town and poor people live on that side of town, but the water and air is so polluted not one of them can safely drink it! And there we stand one pointing the finger at the other party lines. The country is going to hell in a hand basket while leaders fight like an animal in rut over party lines. Is it a color thing, why do they have different colors when they are of the same people and purpose? Does power and money really make you an arrogant asshole?

Lack of moral courage and vision, sometimes I feel ashamed to be a human being in America. "If You Ain't Mad, You Ain't Payin' Attention! Was that Terry Anderson?

(((your inner


Mayflower, Puritan people

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