Atlanta Black Crackers Baseball

Chasing the game and "barn storming"?

Talent speed and experience - barn storming! Always professional. They didn't make as much money but they played more games having more fun to make up the difference. Entertaining!

Not happy with one team the city decided it needed two Crackers and the the Negro league created the Atlanta Black Crackers.

Uniforms and equipment were donated by the white crackers and others.

They played at local black colleges and at Ponce de Leon when the white crackers were not playing.

On Sept. 9, 1923, the wooden stadium burned to the ground, destroying the team's uniforms, trophies and records. But a wealthy concessionaire named R. J. Spiller came to the team's rescue.

Today, all that is left of Spiller Field (later called Ponce de Leon Ball Park) is the giant magnolia, a silent sentinel standing in tribute to the heroic past.

Atlanta White Crackers Baseball Team

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