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I am constantly over doing it!

There is good and bad in everything, but being able to best utilize it is often my concern. If I do not need it right now, what do I do with it? I often throw away what I need and take what I do not need. I let stuff deteriorate and abuse the practicality of toys and tools I receive. It results in poor decisions and an accumulation of junk. Here are a few examples: Cars, instead of using the thing for what it is meant, I polish and buy all kinds of fancy accessories making it into something that it is not. However, that is the way I see it at that time. Why? Cell phones, which are great when used for their intended purpose, but... Tools, I use one time and forget about them. Shoes, why so many pair when, or name brands, when all I need is something good, of good quality to support and protect my feet. But, that is the way I see it at that time. Then, I have the nerve to think all of that looks good on me, because that is the way I see it at that time. Constantly cleaning and shining the same old gun! Clothes, the true aura of good quality, clean, protective clothes is lost and now we making and buying clothes for decoration and that is what we are seeing at the time. The AURA of practicality is lost and I am seeing an aura of something manufactured in my mind and I verify it from my perception of what others see and say. Though it is good for quick sales and marketing, the picture, the true aura of what I am seeing is becoming increasingly more distorted. Comparing Yourself

What is the aura? The aura is an energy field produced around all things, animate and inanimate. Your aura acts just like your shadow; you can not trick it, grow out of it, nor leave home without it. As for what your aura is made of is like asking what your shadow is made of. An aura reveals itself in the form of a thin cloud, wave or halo surrounding and radiating from an object, animate and inanimate. Even your shadow has an aura. Whether you believe it, can see it, feel it or not, your aura is always present. Properties by which auras can be perceived range from cold to warm and bright to dull. An aura can be seen, felt, reveals itself in various hues and temperatures and is not a physical thing. That is the mystery of the aura. You can feel it and see it, but if you physically touch something, you have already penetrated its aura.

Auras are constantly changing. Temperature and hue of an aura change constantly and are based upon many factors. For that reason many fail and refuse to recognize the aura of others. It is too much work. We want things to be the same in our minds, everyday – 9 to 5; therefore we establish laws, policies and procedures. This is man’s law. However, we do maintain common sense to realize that ever person and thing is constantly changing, disguised or not. We have experienced it in ourselves and some in others. So at one time or another, we know every person requires exception to our laws, just depends. That change is first revealed in our attitudes and the aura reflects that change. So we can work with bad auras and bad auras are subject to change.

Auras and spirituality. Many associate auras with a spirituality, but I see the aura a bit different. At the time of death, the spirit of life leaves anything dead, but the aura remains until there is nothing more to be seen or felt. I do believe the temperature and hue of ones aura can be some indication to the state of ones health or outlook on life, the healthier you or your attitude are, the brighter and warmer your aura and that applies to all living things. However, a healthy lion or snake may present a beautiful aura, but it is still difficult to predict their behavior, based solely, upon aura perception and reading.

Aura perception and reading. With practice, you can learn to read auras to better be able to predict behavior, but predicting behavior does not necessarily predict outcome. Further, you may develop a false sense of security or stereotyping. Because today you were able to quickly stick your hand in fire without major incident, does not mean that will happen every time. You do not need to read fire, in order to learn fire is not healthy to the touch. If you pay attention to the heat and heed your senses, your senses will properly guide you. Like wise is responding to auras. Reading and disregarding an aura is just as dangerous as playing with fire.

Your aura. You have an aura and your aura will have a cause and effect upon the aura of those things, with which, you come into contact. The aura of some will allow them to play with fire, without major incident. The aura of some will help them survive a vicious attack, but each encounter and second brings on a new aura challenge and your aura will help to influence the out come of that challenge.

Colors of the aura. Yes, the aura comes in many colors, but colors can be deceiving. Bright colors does not necessarily represent the aura. A bright colored objects can present a dark dull aura and on the same token, darker colored objects can present a bright healthy aura. Earth tones are not necessarily bright but they have a beautiful aura. So, in the aura, you are best served by looking for something outside of color.

Inanimate objects and auras. When it comes to aura, I do not see inanimate objects as void of an aura. In other words, an inanimate object can have a very bright healthy aura, a stone. For inanimate objects, the temperature and hue of their auras also range from cold to warm, bright to dull.

Dead objects and auras. Those are objects that are no longer living, as we commonly define living. Things that are dead give off a very dull to dark hue and present a cooler temperature.

Seeing a person or couple in love yields a beautiful aura and then we go distort it with all our preconceived notions. We just can not let it be. Aura's are no more than signs and indicators based upon what's going on -- energy.

A nice safe home, and then we go build something that makes no sense to a bull frog and fill it fancy meaningless stuff. Mis reading the aura means losing effectiveness and efficiency. That is what happens when you mis-read the aura.

More important than focusing on and reading the aura of others, I think it is better to recognize and accept the fact that all things produce an aura and to focus on doing all you can to keep your aura healthy. That will help you and prepare you to be ready and better able to properly respond when you encounter the flip side of a good aura.

There is good and evil in everything. The challenge is to work for the greater good, to maintain it. To remain grounded, well balanced and practical in all matters. , see the good in everything and keep it there.

Enjoy seeing and experiencing the good energy, the good aura of everything, that is the only way to overcome evil auras! That is the power in reading auras!

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