In workspace and inanimate objects

Using all your senses to detect, analyze and overcome negative auras.

In detection of auras, if you work by your abilities to feel and sense, like a blind person, you do not need to be so concerned with your other senses.

Everything has an aura, an energy capable of being detected, by one who pays particular attention.

Good and evil are constant forces with which we must contend. I think all will agree a good aura is not a problem. The problem comes when dealing with an evil aura, either from within yourself or with whatever you are confronted.

There is always the very first time and that depends on your abilities to sense what is going on around you. There are many responses, basically you can ignore it or take action. Ignoring the situation only leads to the situation getting worse.

Taking the appropriate action is very important. The first concern is to be well prepared spiritually and in faith, much of which depends on how you were raised. For people whose parents fail short, they must find other means to make up for their learning curve. Spiritually and faith will make a world of difference because there are no ABC answers.

In analyzing and overcoming negative auras, use all your senses to discern what actually needs to be done, what action to take, considering the safety and securing of all concerned.

Do not fear nor panic. Look for the good in everything. When I see the divine potential in a situation that appears to be negative, I help to transform the situation. My spiritual vision enables me to make the very best and highest of choices. My thoughts, words, and actions have an impact on others and on my own well being.

Gone Green,,,your inner

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