New song, New relationships, so what new about being a B.U.D.D.Y and what are mothers saying?

I did hear a song with that name, but still not sure is it the one with all the hype? It sounded good to me, even though I did not understand the lyrics. First, i thought booty, but no, it's buddy. Is a buddy like a friend?

Why not friends first? I need to listen a few more times.

B.U.D.D.Y, the new Hip Hop song is being embraced by young ladies, but I Understand some parents take offense to the song and is taking action by breaking the song down to their daughters.

I am still not sure what it is they are breaking down, but BUDDY lovers, you might want to watch out.

It good, educational, informative and entertaining to hear both sides of a story. I hope we get it first here.

Why embrace it and why be offended by it? Why wouldn't you want your daughter to be a B.U.D.D.Y?

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