How are you going to prove to yourself that you believe in you? Why are you not healthy, wealthy and wise? Are you afraid to move up, promote yourself? Are you afraid to do it?

Many times people work on their children when so very often the fault lies within themselves. Many who are in control too often cannot do the work for which they are responsible, but they want others to do the work for them. You want others to believe in you when you do not even believe in yourself. What has happened to the attitude of helping?

Confidence, we are told is failing. You can see in our economy, but just a minute is that not just another word for believing?

Do yourself a big favor and do it soon. Start to observe others, those you know and those you don’t, look for the level of confidence or belief in themselves they display or exude. The amount of success in their lives is in direct proportion with their abilities.

People actually believe just because someone else said it, they believe so much so, they never get a chance to work on what they believe. They are being manipulated by others, who encourage them against believing in themselves.

Mankind by its own fallibility requires more than himself in which to believe, but this is proportionate to what is available to you. List your beliefs, how many of these did you choose and how many were chosen for you?

Success in any one person requires belief by that person, in that person as the prime function and everything that does will happen accordingly. This has been proven throughout all of history. Work on this single aspect in yourself and the starting point for all future strength is assured to the degree of effort applied.

As with anything else you can learn the mere basics or you can take a more advanced course, more knowledge brings more success. Many of course are unable to cope with this self belief and will therefore spend their whole lives living in the shadows of those who do. This is called an employer – employee relationship. Need help have the power and strength to believe in yourself. For all others leave them to continue with their life long hesitations.


(((your inner

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