Seems to becoming quite popular lately.

It happened to me once and I guess I was quite lucky, in that, the company paid for repairs.

This is what I did:

Shortly after pumping a tank of gasoline from a local gas station, my fuel indicator light came on, indicating a fuel problem.

I immediately returned to the local gas station and informed them of the problem. They were a bit skeptical but did give me contact information for the gasoline distribution center.

I contacted them and immediately the company called for an inspection of the tank located at the local gas stattion.

The inspection confirmed there was a serious problem with the fuel.

The distribution company gave me permission to have my auto repaired.

I now understand, in many cases, a receipt confirming gasoline purchase maybe required. So just in case, it is always good to request a receipt for all gasoline purchases.

Enjoy and I trust you will drive past all the bad gasoline stations. If not now you know what to do.

The Bad Gas Man...

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