Bailout Bill 2008

Killed, but not for long

The American people are addicted to credit and investments! We have got to have them!

BailOut Bill 2008, a $700 billion emergency rescue package, can it save our financial butts? EVERYONE wants to know what to do with their savings and investments!

America's financial markets are based upon a system of credit and investments. In between those two is what I consider, "Savings", which is basically non-existent. Savings have been quietly replaced with credit and investments.

What is your credit score? This question has been directed towards the wrong people. The credit score of lenders should be questioned, while their negligence is at the root of the nation's financial crisis. They have failed miserably in managing and distributing monies for the consumer. A big part of their problem has been greed and misappropriation of funds-- using credit in a negative fashion. Being too loose and too lax has setup the consumer and economy for failure.

Now, there is no money, credit is too tight and consumers can no longer barrow, nobody knows what to do. We are in a stage of financial shock, the land of milk and honey, just gone dry. We have seriously over-spent. That is what the bailout bill is targeting--the credit market and the consumer is grasping for anything to blame so the milk and honey can flow again. As the first bailout bill was rejected, due to a lack of proper constraints and distribution of funds, the pressure is really on the consumer. The poor consumer is being hit from every financial angle and in response, is applying pressure for "any solution".

Meanwhile, the authors of the bailout bill are into a fault finding mission. We know where the fault is, now, do you have the foresight and courage to fix it?

It seems we still have not learned the valuable lesson afforded from this little financial crisis. We continue to seek better ways to credit the consumer and fix investment strategies, instead of encouraging the consumer to live within their budgets and save. ((*_*) )

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