Baldwin County Georgia Mandatory Trash Collection

When everybody else is cutting back, Baldwin County is adding services and additional costs, What is your option?

What happens when a community forces its residents to purchase an additional curbside garbage service, at an additional monthly cost of $13.50, whether you can afford it or not and whether you use it or not?

If you failed to participate, do you think the county would consider and threaten to cut-off something so vital to life as your drinking water? What about a lien against your property?

This plan was designed to provide the best of both systems and to give you the option of which service to use and the ability to use both.

    What does history say about utility programs?

  • When initially presented utility programs are 110% consumer focused and the utilities are all about being more effective and efficient for the consumer. I would think they were going to charge local residents for the use of centers when curbside services made an even more appealing offer, for a favorable contract and county officials took the bait.

  • Historically, after an extended period of time, utility programs become improperly managed profits holes. No matter how conservative consumers are, operating and maintenance costs only go up, they never go down. Favorable contracts! Since 1965, I have been drinking water from the same old water lines. The water in my home has only gotten worse.

  • When local citizens are losing jobs, what is a mandatory charge of $13.50, per month, during the toughest economic times since the great depression-- Not affordable, not smart, not timely and not warranted for most Americans? A heavy price to be levied upon consumers for a service which is already being provided at convenience centers. Instead of adding additional services at an additional cost, why not do like everybody else fighting this economic crisis – CUT BACK? Where is the option?

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A 'Trashy' Situation for Baldwin Co. Starting September first every Baldwin County resident will be charged a $13.50 assessment for door to door garbage pick up whether they use the service or not. Note worthy, the fee is being charged in advance to the service being rendered.

Failure to pay your garbage bill can result in a discontinuance of water service, curbside service and convenience center access and can result in the bill being added to your ad valorem tax bill as a lien against your property.

Letter to Baldwin County residents from County Commission plus Convenience Center hours. Baldwin County Commissioners issued a letter to Baldwin County residents explaining the garbage collection and disposal procedures. ---Your Board of Commissioners is pleased to notify you that the County has entered into a contract with Advanced Disposal to provide collection and disposal of solid waste (household garbage, etc.) for the residents of Baldwin County who live outside of the City Limits of Milledgeville. This service will include a continuation of the operation of convenience centers with reduced hours, but with staffing during operational hours, and will also include curbside collection for those residents who would like to have it. Because of the favorable contract with Advanced, the cost for each residential unit and commercial hand-load unit will only be $13.50 per month. If you are receiving this mailing, an initial determination has been made that you are eligible for solid waste collection and disposal services and that YOU WILL BE BILLED $13.50 PER RESIDENTIAL UNIT ON YOUR PROPERTY AS THE ASSESSMENT FOR THAT SERVICE. ---

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ANSWER: Yes. This cost provides collection and disposal service whether provided through curbside collection or use of the convenience centers or use of both.

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